Sacred Sunday Circle Begins This Sunday, 01.06!

Sacred Sunday Circle Begins This Sunday, 01.06!

Please. consider joining me and other friends at the Sacred Sunday Circle most Sundays following our worship service.

Approximately fifteen minutes after our service concludes, we will gather in the front right hand corner of the sanctuary, in the circle of chairs, for about forty-five minutes.

Why? There are many reasons.

First, we will have the opportunity to reflect more deeply on the golden threads of Michael’s sermons in order to integrate and apply his wisdom.

Second, we will have a chance to relate authentically as we share our hearts and thoughts in a safe environment. In this way, we will connect more deeply and establish stronger friendships.

Third, we can seek and receive support/comfort/encouragement when we need it.

Fourth, it will be a venue to come to know more about the congregation.

Fifth and perhaps most importantly, the Sacred Sunday Circle will provide each of us with the possibility of sensing God’s presence, as the power that connects us and empowers us to grow.

For all of these reasons, I plan to complement our terrific worship service with the SSC most Sundays. I would consider it an honor and a privilege to meet with you whenever you decide to participate. Please know: you will always be welcome.

We begin this Sunday, January 6th.

~ Rich Forcier