Sacred Sunday Circle Ceasing to Meet

Sacred Sunday Circle Ceasing to Meet

The Sacred Sunday Circle that has been meeting after worship each Sunday for the last year or so has decided to call it quits.

They have recognized that the number of regular attendance has dropped off as the people who have made it part of their experience of Old First are doing other things and involved elsewhere. As Rich Forcier, the gathering force behind and shepherd of the Sacred Sunday Circle, explained: “Notwithstanding our accomplishments, we must face the truth that every grouping of people has a life cycle – a beginning, middle, and end.”

The Sacred Sunday Circle has provided a smaller, more intimate welcome and safe space for deep reflection and additional moral and emotional support for a good group of Old Firsters, many of them newer members in our community.

We give thanks for their fellowship and ministry among us. And we know that our larger community has been deepened and made more faithful by their witness.

Special thanks to Rich who served as their chaplain of sorts. But in a group like that, everyone was called to minister to one another.

As Rich shared in his note to those who have been involved, “Perhaps, a new grouping  dedicated to deep reflection and personal support will emerge.  I hope so.”