Sanctuary Renovations: Contribute today!

Sanctuary Renovations: Contribute today!

I don’t know about you, but I continue to marvel at how well Old First has kept our sense of community during the pandemic. We’ve proven that church is more than the building.

But I’m still eager to get back into the building! The Sanctuary Enhancement & Accessibility Committee is working around the clock, coordinating the work of painters, electricians, flooring contractors, and carpenters who are renovating the space while we gather for worship online and in the courtyard. When completed the project will include:

  • New glass entry doors facing Race Street
  • Fresh paint
  • New flooring
  • Upgraded internet and electrical service
  • New seating

All together, these renovations will create a new space in the sanctuary that will better serve Old First as we approach our 300th Anniversary.

Fundraising for the project is on track! We have raised over $430,000 already! Bravo! And thank you to each of you who has contributed already.

We are looking to expand the number of donors to the fundraising effort, and want to remind you that no gift is too small. Here are some of the ways that your dollars would be used:

  • A gift of $75 will cover music storage in our new Music Library
  • A gift of $220 will cover one new worship chair
  • A gift of $465 will cover the new tech desk that will allow remote worshipers to “Zoom in” to in-person worship
  • A gift of $650 will cover a ceiling fixture that will provide sufficient light over the chancel

We would love to see broad participation from the whole Old First community. Contribute today! There are several options for making your donation:

  • Contribute online
  • Text $[amount] sanctuary to  (215) 703-7911
  • Mail a check with “sanctuary” in the memo line to Old First Reformed Church, 151 N. 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

Thank you for supporting all of Old First’s ministries,

Suzanne Cole, Stewardship Director