Saturday Breakfast and Upcoming Shelter Season

Saturday Breakfast and Upcoming Shelter Season

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone’s week has been going well. I’ve got some quick facts/numbers to share about the Saturday Cupboard and then I’ll move on to my next topic. 

  • We served 35 guests! (our largest turnout since re-opening). Again, thank you to all of our volunteers.
  • Because of the tight knit community at Old First, I have been able to fully restock our pants/jeans, long sleeves shirts section, and our hygiene items!
  • Fresh food has been going AMAZINGLY. I have fresh food donors booked until the end of October but I’m looking to fill November within the next two weeks. As always you can message me on Facebook or email me at .

Moving on – on Monday, September 14th, Old First Staff met with Bethesda Project (virtually) to discuss re-opening the shelter in November. The takeaway from the meeting is that we are not going to be hosting at full capacity this season due to Covid. Old First is estimating around 28 people, but we will not have an exact number until Bethesda’s staff come and measure the space, which will happen by next week. Second, there will be some kind of dividers set up between people’s sleeping areas, and those dividers may be permanent for the season. Finally, there will be no cooking on site in order to comply with social distancing guidelines. Rather, individuals/groups will need to make food at home and drop it off. At this time, we are not permitting volunteers to enter the Social Hall and are limiting the interaction to drop off only. I realize this shelter season will look very different compared to previous years, and we thank you for your continued support during this difficult time!

For those who will be at the cupboard on Saturday, I’ll see you there! Have a great rest of your week.


Jess Selingo

Outreach Coordinator