Saturday Cupboard Updates and Organizing

Saturday Cupboard Updates and Organizing

Hi everyone,

And another week goes by! I can’t believe how fast the summer is flying, can you?! It is now my second week and the Old First community has been nothing but welcoming and supportive as I continue to orient to the position. You don’t always get that when starting in a new role, and so for that I say thank you.

Anyways, as far as operations go, we are continuing to operate the cupboard as usual, with our personalized shopping experience that was started last week. However, it was discussed among staff that in order to communicate to the guests not to go through the clothes themselves, that we will put masking tape on the floor in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines. With the guest standing behind the line, they will tell the volunteer what item(s) they’d like, where the volunteer will then go through the pile(s) themselves and select the item(s) to hand to the guest.

We have also gotten a ton of donations the last two weeks, which have all been labeled by item name and expiration date. In addition, the cupboard closet and outreach closet have been sorted and labeled in this same manner as well, and all expired food has been properly thrown away. From this process, we have instant oatmeal and cereal that is approaching its “best used date” this week, so the goal is to distribute these items within the next two weeks. Finally, we are now looking for 6 volunteers instead of 4 for Saturday so spread the word!

Before I end this, let’s just take some time to acknowledge that we served 13 guests this past Saturday! Whooooo! This is DOUBLE what we have been doing since we opened. Awesome job to all of our volunteers and I will see you this Saturday, August 8!


Take care,

Jess, Outreach Coordinator