Saturday Cupboard Updates!

Saturday Cupboard Updates!

Hello Old Firsters,

And just like that, we’re in December and before you know it we will be saying goodbye to the year 2020. As always I have announcements:

– As you are probably aware by now, we unfortunately had to stop giving out clothes on Saturday’s and have moved the operation outside. However, that does not mean I’ve stopped accepting donations. Anyone who has men’s clothes size M-2x+ clothes of all seasons can drop off at the main office any weekday from 10-2 pm.

– Also, as we navigate how to best serve our guests in this new way, the setup will most likely change along the way. In fact, starting this Saturday we are bringing back coffee again! In order to adhere to social distancing guidelines, a volunteer will pre-serve the coffee and add milk and 2 sugars. Guests will now be handed a cup of coffee along with their hygiene bag containing hygiene items, socks, underwear (if there’s enough), and a winter accessory (if there’s enough).

-Speaking of that, until we are able to provide clothing, my goal is to put some sort of comfort item in the guests hygiene bag. This includes underwear and either hats, gloves, or ear muffs. I have updated the amazon wishlist to include these items which you can find on the Old First Outreach Coordinator Facebook profile bio. Because this can only work if I get enough, I need your support!


– In other news, we have sold two items on Poshmark! With these two items, we made $89 which will be used to fund items needed for the Saturday Cupboard. 



Volunteer Opportunities

-Even with everything that’s been going on lately, there are still ways to get involved with the church!

-Besides volunteering on Saturdays, I could really use help sorting through clothes donations and assembling hygiene bags! Anyone who is interested in volunteering can contact me via Facebook or email at 🙂

Have a good week!

All the best,

Jess Selingo