See the Church at Work: Annual Meeting after worship on Sun., 01.25

See the Church at Work: Annual Meeting after worship on Sun., 01.25

There always seems to be a lot of mystery around how the church works? Who’s really in charge? Who’s calling the shots? These kind of questions can be, in a less trusting church than Old First, the territory for turn battles and lots of internecine intrigue, family secrets and jealousy.

We’re committed to transparency. In the UCC, the congregation is responsible for its own decisions about its live and ministry. We own our own property. Call our own pastors. And, pretty much, all the other decisions about our church life are ultimately at the decision of the congregation in a properly called congregational meeting.

For an ease of governance, between such meetings, there are others — Officers, Elders, Standing Leadingship Groups, Directors, Ministry Teams who are responsible for the more day to day decisions. While we sometime fail at sharing everything someone might want to know, if you have questions, please ask. The information, bar confidentialities, is available.

If you are interested how this all works, the information is available in our Constitution and By-laws in the member section of the website (you will have to be signed into REALM for access).

The congregation meets in a congregational meeting at least annually — usually the last Sunday of January — to set a budget for the year as well as to elect officers, and any other business that can come before the congregation. (Our by-laws indicate that such a meeting, and its purposes need to be publicly announced for two consecutive Sundays prior to it being held.)

The Elders have set this year’s Annual Meeting for Sunday, Jan. 25, which means in worship this Sunday they will issue the first of the calls to the meeting. This article can serve to notify anyone who is not in worship. As well as approving a 2015 budget and elections, the annual meeting will consider an opening budget for the projects in the Captial Campaign.

We will have a potluck luncheon immediately after worship. We encourage everyone to bring a dish to share. We don’t worry what people make– somehow God works it all out, and there’s enough and enough range of foods. If you cannot bring food to share, you are still invited to lunch with us.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Larry Waddell, our church Moderator.

See you all on Jan. 25.