Seeking Grant Writers to Help Out OF Outreach Ministries

Seeking Grant Writers to Help Out OF Outreach Ministries

Old First is committed to serving the various populations in Philadelphia that are in need. We’ve created ministries to serve the homeless and provide dignity to those in need of simple clothing. We’ve reached out to social agencies for partnership to provide temporary housing for men during the Winter. We’ve engaged with others churches to bring accountability to our local and state governments.

Yet, its not enough; ministries need more and more time and energy from volunteers to help sustain the increasing population of those in need. Specifically, Old First needs now those with the ability of writing grants. We need you to help us become aware of grants that could increase our ability to serve a wider population in our City of Philadelphia. We need you to direct our words to persuade the federal government, trusts, various foundations to see that our work, our time, and our commitment to the ministry of serving others is legitimate and cause to support.

We’re all talented people, despite not being listed as Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People. From Tony Horton, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, or Amy Schumer, various individuals posses some incredible gifts that influence our purchasing habits; what we read; how we travel; and how we laugh at some complex issues. But we don’t the most fascinating, we need the most daring! We need authors and activists, such as Bill Atweh, Paulo Freire, Cs Andrew, Malcolm X, David Dellinger, and others. If you have the talent to write for the assistance of others oppressed, weak, lonely, or unwanted…like Uncle Sam said, “We Need You!”

If interested in aiding Old First in grant writing, please contact John Owens ( or call the church office.


John Owens.