Send in the Clowns: 03.09-16

Send in the clowns! This St Patrick’s Day marks the 7th return of the Mott Campus Clowns to Philadelphia, and Old First, for their alternative Spring Break.

If you’ve been around Old First a while, you know about the clowns. If you’re relatively new, here’s the deal. They call it an alternative Spring Break, and for Old First, it’s kind of an alternative Urban Service Camp as we provide the space and they provide the show. (Pastor’s editorial comment: for me and others who don’t get the whole “clown thing,” it’s an alternative nightmare! But Brian and the students are always a lovely bunch as long as you duck them when they are in costume!) 

The clowns are college honor students who are part of a college course at Mott Community College (Flint, MI) that focuses on civic engagement and social diversity. However, instead of performing community service hours at our Saturday morning cupboard, or serving dinner at Chosen 300, the clowns perform anti-bullying comedy/magic shows at local elementary schools, boys and girls clubs, and the Parent-Infant Center. They also put smiles on the faces of veterans at the VA Medical Center, our shelter guests during dinner, and Philadelphians of all ages when they walk in the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade (Sunday, March 11).

They’ll be in town from March 9th to the 16th and setting up their “Clown Alley” in the CE Building. Between their shows and sightseeing in their down time, you might not see them much, but if you do see them, don’t be afraid to ask for a clown nose – they’re surprisingly comfortable to wear.