Breakfast Guide

Saturday Cupboard Breakfast Volunteer Responsibilities

Breakfast volunteer serve Saturdays 7am to 10:30 and guests are welcome from 8 to 11am.

Arrive in time to complete breakfast preparations by 9:15 AM.

Most arrive by 7:30

Set tables for 8, each with

napkins, utensils, Juice & coffee cups
creamer & two sugar packets in each coffee cup

Cook breakfast

Start 2 coffee urns by 8:30 AM (1 hour to perk)

Set additional items on each table

trays for rolls, pastries, donuts, fruit, etc.
A pitcher or bottle of juice
A Coffee Carafes – only ¾ full


Serve Breakfast

Teams of 2 serving one full table of eight at a time.
Collect tickets so we know who has been fed

Thoroughly clean kitchen

Wash, dry and put away all dishes
Clear off and wipe down all countertops and stove/ovens
Take all leftovers and extra supplies.

Debrief with Old First Leader prior to leaving

Tell me more

For more information check out the Saturday Morning Volunteers List and contact your team leader

What You'll Need

Supplies to provide breakfast for 90 (80 guests plus 10 volunteers)

Breakfast food

NO pork products please


10 ½ c grounds (3 ½ cups per urn)
Sugar packets ~300
1 gallon of milk to be used as creamer

Paper & Plastic Supplies

Plates, Napkins, & utensils
10-12 oz. hot cups & 5-7 oz. juice cups

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