A Window into What Our Urban Service Camp Is Like For Participants

A Window into What Our Urban Service Camp Is Like For Participants

Because Old First isn’t a neighborhood church, but, instead, draws from the whole city and well into the suburbs on both the N.J. and the Pennsylvania sides of the Delaware River, many of our members aren’t around the church all that often during the week. In the summer when people are away for a week or a few months, that’s even more so.

But Old First is busy all the time. It’s just that we serve a number of different communities at different times. The cupboard community on Saturday. The AA community every morning seven days a week. And urban service camp communities, quite often youth, but not always from churches across the country.

It’s those latter communities that keep our property peopled (and doors slamming!) during the weeks of summer. Most of our members know that we host and organize for groups that visit Old First to get to know the city, and serve in volunteer opportunities alongside helping professionals and people in need. But our members often don’t get to see the service camps themselves.

Check out this blog, created by Westfield Presbyterian Church in Westfield, NJ… for a sense of the sights and reflections that Urban Service Camp participants take home with them.

And thanks to Billi for all her work organizing their experiences.