Sharing Our Faith — Adult Forum, Sun., 10.04 @ 9:45

Sharing Our Faith — Adult Forum, Sun., 10.04 @ 9:45

The Kick-off for this year’s Adult Forum is a take-off from Michael’s recent suggestion in a sermon that we should find ways to share our faith more. There’s a power when people begin to be able to speak of their faith.

This Sunday, in our “speed-dating” format, people will switch up in different pairs and answer questions about their faith. Here’s some examples (to get you thinking, if you are the type who likes to prepare!). And relax, it’s church, you can always pass.

Come to Adult Forum is you are a regular. Come if you’ve never attended before. Come, just because you want to share your answer or hear someone else’s. Come, because church is about sharing and building one another up.

Our Questions will include:

~ How would you describe — in as few words as possible — your religious background?

~ Name all the faith communities that have played a role in your background?

~ Talk about one quirky church or religious experience that happened to you.

~ How would you describe your own faith (it’s content, not it’s quality or quantity!)

~ Speak about one e characteristic or belief that you take from or admire from another faith community.

~ Share an example of how your faith has made a difference in your life.

~ Who is a religious leader that you admire and why (from your own faith tradition or another)?

~ What is something you thank God for?

~ Is there something you believe the church asks you to believe that you doubt?

~ If there were something about faith that you could bequeath a younger person that is dear to you, what would it be?

~ What do you reject from your own faith tradition (however you describe it)?

~ Describe a time when your faith has felt more unquestionably real or moving for you.

~ What makes you feel close to God?

~ Name one way that you would not be you without your faith?