Our Shelter Doors Are Open

Our Shelter Doors Are Open

The Old First Men’s Shelter opened Nov 1st.

By early next week we will be the winter home to thirty men who’ve been assigned to us through Bethesda Project. We have a few familiar faces back in our shelter but most faces are new to us. This gives me some hope that those friends I made last year have moved on into more permanent housing.

The students working with SREHUP are helping maintain the space, engage our guests and lend a hand in any way that they can. They provided roughly 20 students to observe on the first night in order to get a feel for how the shelter will be running.

If you are around church in the evening, please feel free to introduce yourselves as members of Old First to the shelter guests or the SREHUP students. While we don’t assume that the guests because they live here want to tell us about their lives, the students seem very willing to let you know which university they are from and where home is for them.

We are still learning the ropes of our new partnership, and everyone is putting in the effort to make this a great experience for the guys who stay with us.

There are a few items that we need to help make our guests more comfortable. If you can help with these items, drop them by the church ASAP:

small towels/rags (for the men to take with them)
ground coffee (to be used for the morning coffee for the guys)
board games/cards (specifically: playing cards, checkers, chess)

dvd movies that are appropriate for adult men (no excess violence/nudity allowed)