One-time Wellspring Volunteer Opportunity (to help a Service Camp)

One-time Wellspring Volunteer Opportunity      (to help a Service Camp)

We need someone who’s willing to do a one-time grocery shopping ministry! It’s, ironically, a ministry of service for a group coming to Old First to do service???

A service camp is arriving from the UCC church in Sebastapol, California late in the evening on Saturday, March 19. They are a good size group and already Billi has a full week of service and volunteer opportunities prepared for them.

They have asked if we could help them out by doing some shopping for them before they arrive, getting them groceries they will need for the week. We don’t usually offer such a service, but since they will not have transportation themselves, it seems a bit of nice reciprocity– an opportunity where members of Old First can help a visiting service camp with their needs.

Yes, it will be a big shopping trip. Maybe two or three of us want to volunteer and do this together!

The group will provide the money and a shopping list. Do we have someone who will volunteer to help them out? Contact Billi at the Wellspring table after service or via e-mail with any questions or to sign-up for this service…