Simpler Living (at least for Fellowship Hour)

Simpler Living (at least for Fellowship Hour)

As we shift gears into the early worship service — 10 am starting on Sunday, June 16 and running through Labor Day weekend — we want to simplify the food at our Fellowship Hour.

The point of that gathering time after worship is that we have a chance to talk. It’s about catching up with friends and meeting new people. It’s about relationships and community-building. A church cannot be any stronger than the sum of its relationships, the people with one another and everyone with God. So, starting with the summer’s earlier worship, we’re going to try and simplify our life together.

Because fellowship hour is not about how much people can eat. Or how fancy our hospitality team spreads a table. Instead, it’s about the quality of the conversations that happen. And how many people our guests can meet.

To that end, we will begin serving only lemonade and iced tea and water and pretzels at coffee hour. Easier for the set-up and clean up crew, so they can lead us in working the room and speaking with people, especially making sure that the new folks are greeted.

Megan Grimm, our Community Life SLG leader will be in communication with the Hospitality Team captains, and they in turn with each of their teams about the specifics of hosting on their weeks.

But look forward to less to eat and more opportunity to visit with people…