Snow Day Worship (at church or at home): Sun., 01.24.16 — Losing One's Individuality in the Community

Snow Day Worship (at church or at home): Sun., 01.24.16 — Losing One's Individuality in the Community

Old First will be open and hosting worship IF YOU CAN GET THERE SAFELY.
If not, God will be with you at home, and you can still worship “with us.”
Below are some prompts for your worship. And ironically the theme for this Sunday suggests that you might not be alone, even if you are all alone in your home…

Scripture Readings

Intro. for the Luke passage: Think a minute about how it would feel to know in a given moment that the Scripture has been fulfilled. No more waiting. No more wondering. What Isaiah said would happen has happened. That could be a joyous occasion, couldn’t it? Could we then continue the joy by bringing good news to needy ears and relief to troubled lives? Let’s bring it on. Let us listen for what the Spirit is saying to the church…

Luke 4: 14-21

Intro. for the I Cor. passage: By our baptism, we are already full members of the body of Christ. That means we can live accordingly, right now. As members of Christ’s body, we possess various gifts which we are to use for the good of all God’s creation. The Holy Spirit chose to distribute these gifts to us. Because of their source, then, we need not be embarrassed by a seemingly inconsequential gift; and must not become proud of a large, important gift. As usual in God’s world, size and status do not matter; and furthermore, make no sense. We can rejoice and be glad of that. We can trust that the Spirit chose well. We can listen for what the Spirit is saying to the church…

I Corinthians 12: 12-31 a

For the word in Scripture; for the word in and among us; for the word lived and shared, we give thanks to you, O God.

A Time with God’s Children: Relying on the metaphor of Christ’s body, think about how you participate in the church.
Which part of the body are you? What is the role that only you can fulfill?

Sermon: Losing One’s Individuality in the Community

Prayers: as well as your own prayers, you might pray the prayer list from our Sunday bulletin

Offering: Just a gentle reminder, when we “miss” a Sunday like this, the church looses a lot of mission support in the offering that is hardly made up. If you would like, next week, you might want to double up on your offering. We promise to use it faithfully and wisely, making it go much further than you might believe possible…

Music: Surely there is a favorite hymn or two, that at the least you can hum to yourself! Michael is going to talk to Holly at staff meeting this week about how we might with the choir and our other musicians, come up with some music that we could share with you even when you are at home. Holly has also reminded me what a resource Youtube can be: you might just be able to find a sing-along or music to lift your spirit and soul!

Fellowship: you might use this morning as an opportunity to reach out. Is there someone you haven’t seen at church for awhile? Is there someone you might be concerned about in this winter weather or for some other reason. Call them this morning; tell them that your call is in part an aspect of your church experience this morning.