Dear Old First and Friends of Old First,

We’ve been diligently sorting through, organizing and reorganizing our clothing shed and realized that, in addition to our normal constant need for socks, underwear, shoes and toiletries, there is also another item that we are aways desperate to obtain.  It’s Jeans!

Our Fall and Winter clothing cupboard is off to a good start. However, despite the large amount of shirts we have, there never seems to have enough Jeans.  NEVER!   All Sizes are needed, but especially the larger mens sizes (38 waist and above) are always in higher demand.

Please look through your closets and ask your family, friends and neighbors to look through their closets and see if there are any items that can be donated.  It’s increasingly getting cooler outside so let’s show our Saturday morning guests and shelter guys that we hear their cries for long pants.

Also,if you have an idea of how we can continue to keep our shed organized, please let me know.  As some of you are aware, the shed often has a mind of it’s own, and before you know it, will need to once again be sorted through and organized.

With all of that said, thank you for continuously supporting our Outreach efforts. I for one appreciate it, and know that without you, none of what we strive to do at Old First would be possible.

Many blessings,

Alesha, Outreach Coordinator