Special Blessings for Alexa and Meg as They Graduate from High School

Special Blessings for Alexa and Meg as They Graduate from High School

Each year, Old First celebrates its graduates (except from Kindergarten) in worship. This year, we will do so in service on Sunday, June 7, 2020. 

This year, we want to try and make the celebration a bit more special — as all our graduates are missing the rituals of graduation. And our high school seniors, Alexa and Meg, are finishing the whole “growing up at home” phase without all the proms and yearbook signing and graduation parties… 

So, we thought we’d do something special for them, both of whom we’ve watched grow up at Old First. We are asking people to “prepare blessings” for them. Actually, we want you to tape a “blessing” for them on your Smartphone. (If you never have done this before, you can. We are all learning how “techie” we can be these days! It’s just like taking a selfie, except switch your phone to “video” and begin taping!) 

The theme is “what you wish you had heard at that time in your life!” It can be a story. A bit of wisdom. A blessing. Let yourself get creative. They don’t need to be long; in fact, two minutes would be the tops we can handle. We will make a single video for both young women. And we will use some parts — excerpts, maybe even outtakes in worship that Sunday. 

When you are finished with yours, just send it to Woody, and he’s going to work his “film-making magic” and with whatever he gets, turn it into not only blessing but also art. 

You can send a video to him simply by finding it in your camera roll, pictures, hit the icon for how you would send a picture, and it will send the video. Choose to send it by e-mail to 2k4woody@gmail.com

(If any of this is confusing, please talk to Michael — he’s getting pretty good at talking people through tech steps! We want as many people to contribute as possible).

What should you say? Whatever the Spirit moves you to! … Some well-wish or advice, what you wish someone would have told you, warned you, helped you with when you were their age. It could be a story, a quote, a prayer, a lesson, a bible verse, a blessing. Collectively, we’re going to send them off well… 

Can you make sure that Woody has your submission / video by Sunday, May 31 — so he has a week to do all he has to do to put them together into the final gift!