Special Offertory this Sunday- Sharon Katz

Special Offertory this Sunday- Sharon Katz

Special Offertory Music This Sunday – Sharon Katz & The  Peace Train  

I am pleased to share a beautiful song and video performance of the incredibly uplifting  original piece composed by Sharon Katz, Moea Thullamea Hae (My Soul is Longing For  Home), performed by Sharon Katz & The Peace Train and the Natal Philharmonic Orchestra, from their performance in 1998 in Durban, S. Africa.  

This Sunday’s service will be a special celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as Archbishop Desmond Tutu (who recently passed). When Michael shared his plans for this special service, I immediately thought of my friend and  amazing colleague, Sharon Katz. 

A description of Sharon’s life and work is shared below. Also, if you’d like to hear more about Sharon and the work that inspires her, please stay on after worship for fellowship and chatting with Sharon. For any who are inspired and curious how the power of music has enabled so many children to find strength and joy in their daily lives, I hope you will spend a little time with Sharon and have your hearts lifted. 

About Sharon and her work: 

South African musician, music therapist and humanitarian, Sharon Katz, was born in Port  Elizabeth, South Africa, during the Apartheid era, and spent her teenage years going illegally to black townships near her home to visit activists and actors, like her friend John Kani, now  world famous for his Tony Awards and roles in hit movies like “Black Panther.” Sharon acquired a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy from Temple University in Philadelphia. 

In 1992, when South  Africa was on the verge of transition from Apartheid, Sharon returned home to South Africa and created a 500 voice multi-cultural choir to perform and spread a message of unity in the country. They performed for Nelson Mandela and went on to travel around South Africa with 150 singers and musicians on a train which they called “The Peace Train.” Since the first ride of The Peace Train across South Africa in 1993, Sharon has continued spreading a message of peace and reconciliation around the world through performances, seminars, workshops, residencies and cultural collaborations. 

In 2018, Sharon initiated “The Peace Train Transcending Barriers Project” to build bridges between communities in the USA and Mexico. As a result of this initiative, Sharon was invited to make her home base in Mexico, where she now works in migrant shelters, safe homes for children who have  been rescued from child trafficking and children living in vulnerable areas of Tijuana. Most recently, The Peace Train brought together over 200 children for a  combined concert. Sharon has released many CDs, and in 2015, an award winning documentary, “When Voices Meet,” was  made about The Peace Train. Proceeds from the sale of her CDs and DVDs support projects in  South Africa, USA, Cuba and Mexico. For more information please visit   www.SharonKatz.com