Speed Faith-Sharing on Sun. 9.11 @ 10 a.m.

Speed Faith-Sharing on Sun. 9.11 @ 10 a.m.

It’s like “speed dating,” without any worry about how you look!

And it’s ok to participate– you won’t get caught!– in even if you are married, partnered, or dating. In fact, bring your significant other along… You will lose one another in the spinning crowd of ever-changing couples, but on the other end, you’ll definitely meet back up again, happier and healthier for the experience, both knowing a whole lot more about other people at church.

And, most likely, also more about yourselves and about God.

Michael will lead this Adult Forum on Sunday, Sept. 11, at 10 a.m. in the Social Hall. To welcome us all back from summer and get the Adult Forums started for the Fall.

Questions will all be gently leading, a lot of fun and slowly walk us into talking more deeply about what matters most (because that’s what church is supposed to be prompting us towards).

If you are of a certain age, or if “speed dating” is out of your experience, imagine it’s junior high school, early fall, and this is the first “mixer,” again without all the anxiety of wondering if you will dance or how you might look dancing.

Come and join us. It would be particularly exciting if some of the newer, younger folks participated– this is a great jump start to introductions… even easier than fellowship hours. Michael’s going to ask the new members class that will be joining on Oct. 2 to participate! So if you others come, you just might meet Bhullar & Leah, the Georges, Susan, Jonathan and Aparna, Megan, Stella (the class is on Saturday, Sept. 10, and Michael’s always surprised by who shows up, so there may be more…)

Join us for another way of deepening our relationships and love for one another and God.