Spiritual Companionship Theme for October 2011: Time Flies (Maybe to Keep up with God?)

Spiritual Companionship Theme for October 2011: Time Flies (Maybe to Keep up with God?)

Spiritual Companionship Themes (to begin our gatherings and meetings with a grounding in our faith)

We encourage each of our ministry teams, fellowship or service groups–from the Board of Elders to the property committee–to integrate spiritual formation into their “business” meetings.

Groups are asked to set aside time at each meeting to connect with God and with one another and with God. Under “Spiritual Companionship Themes” you can find suggestions to prompt that time of sharing.

Here’s this month’s suggestion for a spiritual discussion theme:

October 2011

Fall is a season in which we are more aware changes happening around us. The growing season ends, and the harvest happens. The leaves turn colors. The days shorten. The weather cools. We wear more clothes…

Time is sacramental: it is, if you think about it, the first of God’s creation. And God looked upon it and saw that it was good.

Time is also precious. It is not a renewable resource; it doesn’t come in an unlimited supply. Though we don’t know exactly how many, the number of days for each of us is finite.

So the march of time and the changing of the seasons and how one year becomes the next… all these are sacred: the stage upon which God has chosen to show Divine mercy and work out our redemption.

So, in our October gatherings, can we take a minute and think about the changes in our lives?

What are the changes in your life that you have been noticing lately?
Are there particular stages that you seem to be ending?
Are there rewards– harvests– that come of earlier labor and growth?
How do you experience time as sacred, sacrament, merciful, redeeming?


Remember our “guidelines” for spiritual companionship sharing:

Groups are free to to structure this time however they choose. These discussion themes are provided as suggestions only.

In the spirit of our UCC tradition, each individual is free to “pass” and not share if s/he so chooses.