Spring POWER Campaign: Moving Legislators to Support Full Fair Funding Formula for Schools

Spring POWER Campaign: Moving Legislators to Support Full Fair Funding Formula for Schools

For the past year, Old First has been a part of POWER’s efforts to get a Full, Fair Funding Formula for schools in PA.

This spring, POWER congregations are trying to push this FFFF over the finish line with an actual formula in the PA budget for the next year. To achieve this, POWER congregations will each focus on a specific legislator to meet with and influence to support a FFFF in the June 2015 budget negotiations. We count on the Philly delegate to the state legislature to be pro-FFFF, but in order to get the needed votes there, we need every one of them to become not only outspoken advocates of a FFFF; we need the to go to battle for this one…

Old First has been assigned Rep. John Sabatina (D-174th District – NE Phila, Pennypack neighborhood). He is currently running in special election for Senate Senate (5th District).
Interested? Want to help?

(1) We are looking for any Old First member who lives in either district who would be willing to help. Talk to Hannah C or Mimi C.J. if you live in either district.

(2) People to help with the planning and execution of the campaign this spring. If you’re interested, the POWER LOC team will be meeting Sunday March 22 at 10:15am in the Fox Building — the study outside the church office. Please join us or talk to Hannah C or Mimi C.J. if interested!

(3) People to participate in a 100-day fast to heighten our own and others’ awareness of this struggle — even for a few hours or a day. Talk to Michael C. if interested.

(4) People interested in traveling to Harrisburg for the Kick-off of all these efforts on Monday, March 23. Bus transportation will be provided. POWER has promised 100 people, to join with hundreds of others from across the state. A “worshipful press conference” on the steps of the rotunda at the capital — with prayers from different faiths, the blowing of the shofar, a word on Isa 58: 6-7, washing school children’s feet, and a symbolic commitment of brown lunch bags to join with those fasting. Let our legislators know that people of faith in PA are working on this issue… there’s some spiritual power being applied he passing of a FFFF. If you are interested in going, please speak to Mike W.