OF Fall Begins on 9.11

OF Fall Begins on 9.11

This Sunday, Sept. 11, will be our first post-summer worship at 11.

That Sunday also we will begin with the Adult Forum, with Michael leading one of our “speed dating” sessions. It’s an opportunity to get to interact with and get to know better a number of different people from church, particularly helpful for newer people in our community. If you have never come to an Adult Forum, you might make this your first. It’s fast, engaging and different, we promise.

On the 11th, our Sunday School children will have a Spirit Day wherein they will create the artwork illustrating “Why We Believe No One Should Be Hungry.” Their artwork will them be used to create and decorate postcards for our Mission 1 messages to Congress.

Michael will get us all started with a brief devotional at 9:45. It’s important that everyone is there on time, so we can get started on time. (We also have to celebrate ALL the summer birthdays!)

Choir will also be starting sometime that week. Look forward to a message from Julie in the next weeks E-pistle links.

There will be another Spirit Day for the children on Sept. 18. The Adult Forum that Sunday will be about the Revitalization Efforts of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference, our Covenant Ministry being one of them. During the 10 o’clock hour that day, we will also be doing Sunday School registration.

Sunday, Sept. 25 is Old First’s Anniversary Sunday. We will also make it our Homecoming or Rally Sunday– when the full Fall programing gets started. The Adult Forum will be And Sunday School will begin in its classes.

As a special treat, Michael has invited the Rev. Geneva Butz, Old First’s former pastor, to be the preacher that day. Geneva served Old First for over 20 years, and, in many respects, is a good part of the reason we are who we are today. She currently serves as an Associate Conference Minister for the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference.

We have all had busy summers, and someone said to Michael last week, “It feels like I have missed everyone from church all summer.” Let us then look forward to Sept 11, and on to Sept 25, as, the summer behind us, we gather back together to get on with the work and service that God is calling our church to… to literally “re-member” the blessing that the Old First community can be to each of us and to God’s world.