Statements for 2023 Tax Returns

Statements for 2023 Tax Returns

We continue to use Breeze to record all gifts from members, friends, and community members. Members can see the state of their individual giving at any point in the year by going to the “Giving” section on their personal page, as well as print out their yearly statement for use in connection with their 2023 tax return.

To get your statement, you click on “Giving” in the left-hand column on your personal page on Breeze.


You choose the start and end dates (01/01/2023 and 12/31/2023 respectively in order to get the statement of your givings in 2023).















You then click on the down arrow next to the “Download as Excel” box, and click on the button “Print Statements.”













This will generate the report and you can then click on the “Print Statement” button.












If anyone has trouble doing this, please contact me ( ) and I will generate the report for him/her/them. 

Or if you aren’t even sure about how to get to your personal page in Breeze (please, don’t worry too much about it — you certainly are not the only one, and the Pastor promises me that everyone can make in to heaven, even if they can’t get into Breeze!), please contact the church administrator, Devan, in the office. They can help you, and may have to generate a new invitation for you to get started: 215-922-4566 or   ( ) .

Thanks again for your faithful giving — it’s remarkable how we finished the 2023 giving year at 107% of what was budgeted.

Grant Frame, Financial Secretary