Stewardship Campaign — Pledging Results as of Week 1

Last Sunday, Nov. 20, was Commitment Sunday, when the congregation was asked to make pledges towards our ministries in 2017. Your pledge is confidential, something between you and God. The financial secretary is the only person who could know what it is, but she assiduously erases all memory tapes! Really, it’s a promise you make yourself about how much you are going to dedicate to church. By implication, it’s also a promise to God and everyone else that is supporting our ministries.

Commitment Sunday followed personal witnesses by Elizabeth, Adam, Julie and Margaret — about how and why they make sure a portion of their available money is dedicated to supporting the work of this church. Last Sunday, Michael preached about the Lordship of Christ in our lives. And, emboldened by Elizabeth’s straightforward talk about our financial lives, he added to his examples and questions about how we might examine whether the decisions we are making really indicate the we’re trying to live as his disciples… Michael just asked:

Has your giving been reflective of Christ’s Lordship in your life?
Is your faith informing and growing your generosity?

Well, the first tallies are in! Last Sunday, the first week of the pledge campaign:

~ we received pledges from 42 units (a unit is usually a family that gives collectively, but in some families multiple individuals give separately);
~ the collective total dollar amount for those pledges was $153,635.

There will be pledge cards at the back of the sanctuary behind the last pew for the next two weeks, Sundays, 11.27 and 12.04. Completed pledge cards can be returned in the collection plate, or sent to the church office. You may also pledge directly on-line using these instructions for REALM.

Thanks for your generous support. Let’s keep this up — it’s great for our church and ministry, and all we can do for God…