Stewardship Campaign Update

Stewardship Campaign Update

Two weeks after the initial Sunday, we haven’t added many pledges! Ok, it was a busy time with the congregational meeting at which Michael was called as pastor. And then the week of Thanksgiving with all the family and travel that meant for many.

But we’ve only gotten 4 additional pledges, for a total of 51. That leaves as many as 20+ outstanding.

As we look to a first working session on drafting the budget for 2013 in the second week of December, clearer projections for what members’ giving would be really helpful.

Hopefully, the people we have not heard from will take a prayerful moment and decide what they can pledge towards the financial support of our ministry next year. There are pledge cards in the literature rack in the lower narthex, or you can get them from Gerry Woodruff, our Financial Secretary.

Or you can make your pledge on-line: simply fill out the “On-line Pledge Card.” and submit, and Gerry will receive it.

Thanks for your support of Old First’s ministry. We do good works. And knowing what you plan to give, makes our budgeting process easier.

It also can help you to give yourself a measure against which to determine for yourself how your spiritual growth is doing.

If you have any questions, please speak with Gerry Woodruff.