The Giving Tree: Jackie’s Care for Others Inspires Me

The Giving Tree: Jackie’s Care for Others Inspires Me

The first week of our Stewardship Drive “The Giving Tree” asks us to appreciate the gifts that others bring to our church community, particularly those gifts they share that really touch or inspire us. Whose service or generosity or spirit or presence do you give thanks for? 

A phone call. A ride to the doctor. A visit. A meal. Each one is a simple act. But magnify those small individual acts by 10 or 50 or 100 and you have the ministry of Jackie Williams.

Jackie not only notices needs in our community, she acts on them. When Marie was ailing, Jackie was the one who drove her to countless appointments. When Peter needs a ride to church, she is there (even though she herself is coming from a distance). For years, Bob C was unable to make it to church, so Jackie visited regularly. When Lois needed someone to talk to, Jackie was at her door, bringing greetings from the rest of us.

Even more remarkable, Jackie always has a smile on her face. It’s not easy to be cheerful when accompanying people who are ill, discouraged, or just plain tired. But Jackie never lets difficulties get her down. Her kind, optimistic disposition always shines through.

Jackie inspires me to do more. To be more mindful of the needs of people around me. And to take that mindfulness to the next step and ACT upon it. Old First wouldn’t be the caring community we strive to be without Jackie’s dedication. LOVE FIRST.

— Suzanne