Stewardship Report: Old First E-pistle, 8.26.16

Stewardship Report: Old First E-pistle, 8.26.16

The E-pistle this week was written by Elizabeth G. while Pastor Michael takes some vacation time.

On August 5th, Jonathan V. of the Admin SLG briefly and clearly described our mid-year financial position. The main point of his summary was that we are currently facing a shortfall of $28k. However, Jonathan also included three concrete steps we could take to address this budget gap. The first step he named was to catch up on our pledges. As director of stewardship, I couldn’t agree more with his recommendation.

Thanks to Laura S., we all should have received our mid-year giving statements in the mail.  We encourage you to view that statement as a positive challenge. If you are behind, see it as encouragement to meet your pledge, either by mailing a check to the church office, or by bringing the difference to church with you next time you attend worship. If you are right on track with your pledge, perhaps you would consider giving a little extra to help cover the cost of the unexpected $9K air conditioning repair. Finally, if you have spent time away from us this summer, enjoying the good weather and exciting travel, please remember to check in with your giving when you return. However you choose to guide your stewardship, know that each gift is blessed, and will be put to good use in the missions and goals of Old First.

Thank you for taking the time to read this E-pistle. If you have any questions about stewardship in general, including how to give online, please let me know. If you’d like to have more specific details about your giving history, log in to your profile on Realm, or contact the church’s financial secretary, Laura Spencer.

Your sister in Christ,

Elizabeth G.