Spread the Love: 'Strengthen the Church' special offering

Spread the Love:  'Strengthen the Church' special offering

Strengthen the Church, one of four special mission offerings within the United Church of Christ, grows the UCC’s future and empowers its mission by focusing on the basic building block our ministry in our denomination, the local congregation:

  • Funding new church starts and invigorating existing congregations
  • Nurturing lay and pastoral leadership
  • Building youth and young adult ministries
  • Supporting the God is Stillspeaking Ministry and its extravagant welcome for all within the United Church of Christ.

All gifts are directed to activities and programs of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference as well as the UCC’s local church ministries of the national setting of the UCC.

Old First began receiving this offering on Pentecost. Special envelopes are in the pews, and gifts may be placed in the collection plate or sent to the church office through June and early July.

So many other good causes in our society can be broadly supported by the general population, but local churches– their revitalization as well as their founding– this is a cause that only church people are going to respect and contribute to. Please be generous.