Strengthen the Church Offering

Strengthen the Church Offering

A little love can go a long way.  When our lives become unpredictable or chaotic, when we’re facing into a storm, when we’re weary and discouraged, fearful or confused… a little love can give the boost we need.

Many of us find that love in our church.  But there are many people still seeking and yearning for a little love, a little hope, and a reassuring word.  They have not found a church that’s reaching out with an extravagant welcome, where they can hear the message of the unconditional love of our still speaking God.  That’s where the Strengthen the Church special mission offering steps in.

Each year, we receive a special offering that helps the church’s love to grow and thrive. Called Strengthen the Church, this offering funds new congregations and renews existing ones. It supports programs for youth and young adults and nurtures current and future leaders. And it sends the God is Still Speaking Ministry’s message of extravagant welcome and inclusivity into our world.

We will receive this offering on 15 – the birthday of the church – Pentecost Sunday.  We invite you to celebrate by giving to Strengthen the Church. Your generous gift today ensures a vibrant church tomorrow.

Spread the Love. Strengthen the Church. God is still speaking.