Summer Brunch & Fun, after Worship, 06.25

Summer Brunch & Fun, after Worship, 06.25

Hey All! The Summer Brunch Series continues starting Sunday, June 25th after church.  Our worship service is on it’s summer schedule, and we recognize you may have made plans for the summer. Ok, cool great. But, what if I could encourage you to join me and others for delicious meal or beverage at local Old City or Fishtown restaurant. Yea, pretty clever of me right?

The summer brunch series is an opportunity to connect beyond the church walls, and to find a deeper connection with church goers you may only recognize by their face. Last year’s series was a phenomenal success thanks to a wide participation Old First members. I had a blast, and I’m sure you will too.

So what if you’re not into cocktails, that’s ok. You don’t eat meat, that’s ok. You don’t want to join the church, but like our community, that’s ok too! We’re here to gather and share stories and laughter.

And yes, I am working to find a family friendly setting that young families can join as well. We really want this to be an inclusive opportunity for all to participate in.

For information regarding the summer brunch series, please see our facebook page via Old First or email John via

Thank you and #BrunchOn

John Owens