Summer Elders’ Corner

Summer Elders’ Corner
The Elder’s met on June 11 and July 9 and would like to share a few highlights from our meetings:
  • We are pleased to have our new Administrator on board.  Kristyn Johnson started on June 25 After an orientation by Woody and ongoing support from Michael, Kristyn is learning about the job, catching up on the things that are needed and moving ahead. The Elders and Kristyn had the opportunity to meet and get acquainted at our July meeting.  We look forward to working together and establishing continuity and having Kristyn’s presence in the Church Office.
  • We thank Woody for his invaluable service over these many months.  We will be collecting for a gift from the Congregation to show our appreciation along with a month’s salaried vacation.
  •  A Mid-Year Financial Update will be shared in a separate post by our Treasurer, Jonathan Vogan.  We are at  good place and in good hands.
  • Updates related to Development:
    • Negotiations over language and clarification of terms of the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) continue.  Community Ventures has incorporated our concerns in a new draft that their attorney is checking. When we are satisfied with the content we will send it to our attorney for this work, George Nagle, for a final review.
    • The Final Product will then be reviewed with the Congregation at a special meeting to get approval for signing the JVA. This Overarching Agreement will remain in effect for 17 years.
    • We hope the New JV Ministry team will be able to start meeting with Community Ventures in the not too distant future.  The team will consist of Spencer Anderson, Bob Robinson, Kathy Sykes, Beth Walker, Jackie Williams and Megan Grimm.
    • A Parking and Accessibility Ministry Team has been formed to find solutions to our parking issues.  This team will consist of Nancy Donohue, Kris Forrest, and Adam Sherr. We are looking for an additional person to join this team, preferable someone from the state of Pennsylvania!, and for the team to begin their work.
    • Both teams will receive “Team Charges”, developed by the Elders, during a worship service so that the mission, purpose, and outcomes will be clear to team members and the Congregation.
  • While we are enjoying the summer, it is also important to look ahead specifically as we think about the Creche this year and its place in our church.  To that end, we will convene a small group, a Creche Ministry Team, and have asked Megan Grimm to develop a survey, with input from the group, for our members and also one for the neighbors.  The Elders have asked Julie Steiner and Janice Smith to work with Megan.
    • The questions that are being considered for the survey include:
      • What does the Creche mean to you?
      • How have you participated in the Creche in the past, either visiting, or helping out with the animals or the ministries we organize around it, like Picture Day or the 5 pm Family Service on Christmas Eve?
      • How is the Creche a ministry of OFRC?
      • What does the Creche do for our church?
      • Are there other ways to do the Creche, for example not using live animals?
      • Who is willing to commit to help this year?
  • Another matter discussed by the Elders which will be brought to the Congregation for consideration as per the “Controversial Issues Policy”  is how our church wants to show our support for those families who are affected by the policies of the current administration. The proposal brought to the Elders includes using our Creche figurines and signage to show our beliefs that we are all God’s children and no one is illegal (See the separate article “Old .
  • The Elders will not meet in August.  Some work will continue and we will connect if needed via technology.  We will reconvene in person on Monday, Sept. 10.  There is much to consider and do in our ministry these days!

The Elders wish everyone a joyous and restful summer!

Kathy S., Secretary