Summer of 2018 Special Music Offerings Needed!

Anyone who enjoys sharing their musical gifts, be it through singing, playing the piano (or organ!), instruments of all types from mandolin, guitar, flute to percussion is invited to contact Holly Phares ASAP!
I am presently starting to design the summer music and would love to have as many choices as possible from which to organize and create colorful, diverse and spiritually moving music for our worship experiences.
I love to play piano duets, as well as create eclectic ensembles of instruments and singers, tapping into sacred music of varying styles from Classical, Sacred Harp, Jazz, to contemporary, Blue Grass and Gospel.
The possibilities are endless and I encourage everyone to think “outside the box” of typical “church music” & if you might see yourself diving into your musical self to share your gifts with our loving community at Old First.
I also am available throughout the summer for any rehearsals or coaching that might be needed in order to create a beautiful and polished musical offering, so you can truly immerse yourself into the music and “be the vessel”, as I often tell my choirs and voice students.
So, if you love singing, have not been able to commit to the regular choir on a steady basis, and don’t enjoy doing solos but would love to sing in a small choral group once or even twice this summer – PLEASE SIGN UP!
Please contact me ASAP either via email: or text me (phone number within our private church directory on Breeze via our website).