Worship with Us at 10 a.m. Starting June 19

Worship with Us at 10 a.m. Starting June 19

June 19 starts our summer hours and tradition. And that means more than “you can now dress even more informally for church!” Though Michael exchanges his serious black Geneva preaching gown for casual summer clothes.

The Adult Forum and Sunday School are now in recess. But Old First has childcare all summer long, with Bridget and Tori in the Nursery.

The choir is replaced by soloists and other guest musicians. And there is still a few open Sunday on the summer calendar for musicians.

And with people away on their summer holidays, church takes on a more informal, relaxed air at worship.

We will worship at 10 am through the Labor Day holiday. You can enjoy the peace of worship early and still have most of the rest of your Sunday.