Sunday 11.29.2017 at 10 AM: Jesus, The Forgiving Victim Program topic is “The Forgiving Victim for Us”.

Come join us Sunday at 10 AM in Social Hall:  Jesus the Forgiving Victim program relies heavily on the history of the scapegoating. In primitive times, sacrificing human beings or animals was thought to appease the gods. It also had the effect of making the community feel better about itself by having got rid of someone that they thought was contaminating them. This is what happened to Jesus. The people found him to be troublesome and decided to get rid of him. To end the pattern of scapegoating, Jesus willingly accepted crucifixion and then returned from the dead to dramatize the evil of that practice. In doing so, he invited people to find a better way of living together. After the high priest Caiaphas told the council that it was better for Jesus to die for the people, St. John’s Gospel comments, “He did not say this on his own…but prophesied that Jesus was about to die…to gather into one the dispersed children of God.” We’re still working on this.