Sunday Brunch, 09.25 after worship

Sunday Brunch, 09.25 after worship

As reminder, Old First invites Young Adults and others to join us at National Mechanics (via 3rd St.) for brunch Sunday, September 25th after the 11am service. The summer brunch series (running every 4thSunday of month through September) is an opportunity for Young Adults and friends to stay connected and engage in meaningful conversations about their careers, lives, and social activities. We encourage all individuals to engage in these brunches to connect with others outside the church walls. And as a perk, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous meal of exotic flavors, drinks or soda, and of course the opportunity of meeting new people from Old First and others from across the city.

Invite your friends, roommates, or even neighbors to brunch. We’re an inclusive group welcoming those of all various backgrounds, and forming a community without barriers or borders. The brunch gathering onJune 26th was a fantastic 1st event, and we hope the attendance will triple on Sept 25th! There’s no need to rsvp, but if you plan to bring more than five people, please inform John Owens(

Please note, brunch locations can change at the last minute, so please be flexible as we find locations; however, our previous locations have been National Mechanics, Race St. Cafe, and FarmiCiA. If you know of another location serving brunch for a “large” party, please email me.


JohnPeter Owens, Program Assistant