Sunday Morning Gathering: Social Hall at 9:45 am

Sunday Morning Gathering: Social Hall at 9:45 am

Let’s begin our Sunday mornings together.

Sunday morning is one of the few opportunities opportunities we have in our church life for fellowship and discussion with our entire church family. Adult Forum participants, Sunday School students and their parents are invited and encouraged to gather together at 9:45.

This will be somewhat of a return to the format from a couple years ago. We will assemble for the Sunday Morning Gathering, participate in a short activity or discussion, collect an offering and be all done a few minutes past 10am.

While some of you will remember our past gathering to certainly be multigenerational, the goal of the Sunday Morning Gathering is to be intergenerational. (For a deeper understanding of the distinction I mean to point to– and that I find so helpful and important for our ministry at Old First, please read this article, Intergenerational Ministry in the Church.)

Our Gathering will strive to provide an opportunity for meaningful interaction between members of various generations. I want our kids and our adults to know one another well. But also to interact with one another in all the variety of enriching ways their relationships promise. With our Sunday Morning Gathering young and old, will have the opportunity to grow spiritually together.

So this Sunday, let’s start our morning together, before we split into our normal groups, or run out to grab coffee.

Also If you are new around church and are looking for something, make sure to check the Sunday Morning Gathering out!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Last note: Please make an effort to arrive for Sunday Morning Gathering at 9:45.