Sunday, Oct. 26 is Finally Commitment Sunday for the Campaign for Old First

Sunday, Oct. 26 is Finally Commitment Sunday for the Campaign for Old First

We started talking about it before the Annual Meeting last January.
And even then, there were some rough sketches of what the goals would be.

And then we hired Susan Mitchell, a capital campaign consultant with the United Church of Christ. And we began figuring out and explaining in greater detail how the Campaign for Old First would extend our welcome and grow our worshiping community and strengthen our service and improve on the effectiveness of our Social Outreach. Remember: it’s a vision, not a detailed plan (which can only come once we have a sense of how much money we are working with).

And we asked Mike to chair the Campaign. And he drafted a host of other leaders to join him in this work.

And the events began. Hands-in testimonials of faith. And a tree. And ice cream socials. And housemeetings. And hand-decorating parties. And behind the scenes, conversations with potential major givers.

And finally, the announcement, we had $425,000 pledged coming out of the silent phase. And we were just inviting most of our people to begin considering how much they might contribute to the $600,000 we are hoping to raise.

Now 5 weeks and a couple of letters later, people should be ready to share with their church what they believe they can do. Ok, it’s time. In fact, some are probably more than ready for it! Even ready for it to be over…

Now you can help us bring this to a close. We’re hoping everyone will make their pledge this Sunday in worship.

If there are a few stragglers, there’s a team to make some calls.

And we will announce… no, celebrate in worship on Sunday, Nov. 16. that we have exceeded our financial goal.

Then the real work begins. As we engage an architect and start making some decisions about building projects… As we roll up our sleeves and get involved in figuring out how our outreach ministries could have more effect. And begin to see the results!

Be a part of this, won’t you?