Sunday School and Christian Ed. Details (and Invite!)

Hello and welcome to another year of Christian Education at Old First! We are so excited to be starting our classes this Sunday!

I wanted to first put out an invitation to anyone who has not registered their child for Sunday School. But I also wanted to extend that invitation to ANYONE you think might be interested in joining our classes!

~ Invite that that new family that just moved into the neighborhood? Sure!
~ How about if your relatives and their kids that are in town for just the weekend? Absolutely!

It has been an Old First tradition that we welcome any and all that are interested in participating in our Christian Education program!

That being said, we are also putting out another call for anyone who is interested in joining this year’s teaching staff. We have already received a very positive response, but could always use more help! Please speak to me or Maranda for more information.

This year we are going to be trying a somewhat new class structure (and that will take teachers!). We will offer three separate classes, each with its own teacher and class space:

Beginner (led by Maranda),
Intermediate (led by Colin), and
Post-Confirmation (led by Jonathan and Rich).

In addition to that we have a Middle School Youth Group, meeting on the third Saturday’s of each month, from 5 until 7 pm (usually over pizza).

Adult Forum will continue, but it’s not quite organized :we’re looking for a person or group of people to act as facilitators, Since we are still in the formation stage, we would welcome any suggestions/participation.

We ask this year that if you have a child registered for classes you please make your best effort to be at church by 9:45 am so that we can start promptly. We feel that this will help the children get off on the best foot early in the year. And it makes class much easier to run — when everyone gets started at the same time and there’s not stragglers for the first 20 minutes!

If you have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask me or Maranda.

Julius D.
Christian Ed.