Sunday School Begins- Sept. 11, 9:45

Sunday School Begins- Sept. 11, 9:45

Hello and welcome to another year of Christian Education at Old First! We are so excited to be starting our classes! I wanted to first put out an invitation to members who have not yet registered their child for Sunday School but I also wanted to extend that invitation to ANYONE you think might be interested in joining our classes!

Invite that that new family that just moved into the neighborhood? Sure!

How about if your relatives and their kids that are in town for just the weekend? Absolutely!

It has been an Old First tradition that we welcome any and all that are interested in participating in our Christian Education program! That being said, we are also putting out another call for anyone who is interested in joining this year’s teaching staff. We have already received a positive response but could always use more help! We are very happy to have teachers Samantha, Renee and Megan this year! Please see Julius or Maranda for more information.

This year we will have two classes for Sunday school: our Young Learners and our Confirmation Class.

Sunday School starts officially on September 11 with a tour through the church led by Michael.

We ask that if you have a child registered for classes you please make your best effort to be at church by 9:45 am so that we can start promptly. We feel that this will help the children get off on the best foot early in the year.

If you have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask Julius, Michael or Maranda.


The Julius DeAngelus and the CE Team