Sunday School Raises $850 for Heifer Project!

Sunday School Raises $850 for Heifer Project!

As many of you know, the children of Old First collected donations for the Heifer Project as part of their Lenten discipline. With a combination of paper chick/muffin sales, donations added to cardboard arks, and donations by a few members of the congregation, we raised $850.00!

The children were given the opportunity to vote on 3 options of what to donate through the Heifer Project. The option with the most votes was Option B, which included the following:

3 – Flocks of Chicks

2 – Flock of Ducks

1 – Flock of Geese

2 – Honeybees

1 – Trees

1 – Pig

1 – Llama

1 – Hope Basket (chickens and rabbits)

1 – Earth Gift Basket (bees and tree seedlings)

1 – Flock of Hope (chicks, ducklings and goslings)

1 – Gardener’s Gift Basket (tree seedlings, rabbits, chickens and a hive of bees)

These items will help people in need throughout the world. If you’re not familiar with the Heifer Project, you can read on the organization’s Web site.

Thank you all for your generous donations and for helping make this year’s collection a success!

– Jenn Carvin, Christian Education Directory