Sunday School Update

Sunday School Update

We had hoped that Sept. 11 would be our first day of Sunday School, as that’s the day we are back in worship at 11 am. 

But late last week, Ms.  Donna informed Michael that she will not be coming back this year. She explained that she and her husband have work they need to do at their congregation. Michael wished them well and great success in their ministry. (And we already knew Ms. Audrey wouldn’t be back – she’s now a high school teacher where she went to high school!) 

So we have posted a job opening for a Head Sunday School Teacher. And as soon as we get applications of people we want to interview, Michael will gather a group to conduct those interviews. Trixie and Tim have indicated they will take part. Michael hopes Lorena will be involved again too. But it might also be nice to have some parents involved. If you’d like to help us with interviews, please let Michael know. 

And we’re trying a slightly different model this year. Claire, a newish member of our community has expressed interest in teaching Sunday School. (She is a special ed. teacher at a Charter School in Kensington.) She cannot do every Sunday, but she’s able to make a big commitment. But Michael would also like her to be able to join the adults in the Sanctuary for worship some Sundays too. 

So if we can find a couple more volunteers, we will have a Lead Teacher and a rotating cast of volunteer Assistant Teachers. If you are interested in being involved in our Sunday School – maybe a Sunday or so a month – please let Michael know. 

This unexpected staffing change has left us scrambling a bit. But we hope to have Sunday School up and running as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let Michael know…