REFORM is on the Way! (Sunday School ’11-’12)

REFORM is on the Way! (Sunday School ’11-’12)

Sunday, September 25th, the new Church School year began.

It got started, and will start every Sunday with a popular new cartoon introduction. Click here to see a sample trailer! (Show it to your kids… show it to other parents or the friends of your kids!)

A new curriculum will be used this year starting with grade 5 and proceeding through the High School group. This new program is called “Reform” and is a bit more contemporary than the curriculum that we have been using. The dictionary defines Reform as “to change to a better state”, “to improve by alteration or correction”, or “to put an end to abuses or disorders”. Wow, what an undertaking!

When I found reform in the thesaurus, I discovered words such as ‘reclaim,’ ‘regenerate,’ ‘see the light’ and ‘straighten out.’ I believe that these words adequately describe what we try to do in Sunday school. Perhaps your young person would like to join us to see if they think that in the new curriculum, they can not only continue to hear God speaking but find ways, through those words to improve or reform themselves.

The younger children will also be starting a new curriculum. Their program is called “Spark.” The dictionary defines spark as “the light produced by a sudden discharge of electricity”, “anything that activates or stimulates”, or “a trace of life or vitality”. Other words with similar meaning are inspiration or catalyst. I believe that our young people can be sparks in our world–inspiration to others, when they learn to walk in the path of God.

Come join us at 9:45 in the Social Hall for the start of a new program year. Our 9:45 gathering will also be completely new this year– organized around a “cartoon” presentation of a Christian concept appropriate for children. But it might just spark something in us adults too. But, come, let your child be a Spark! Come and open your young person to Reform!

And if you know of any other children– friends of your children, your neighbors, your nieces and nephews who might want to come to Sunday School, the kids of a family that’s fallen out of the habit of going to church… now is the right time to extend the invitation. Let’s welcome them right from the beginning (even though everyone will be welcomed whenever or as soon as they show up!) We are looking to serve more children!

You could even just send them an invite with a link to this page!!!

See you in church,
Annemarie Kleinhans
Christian Education Director