Tell Someone

Tell Someone

The first ending of Mark’s account of Easter is the only one of the Gospels that ends with the witnesses to the resurrection keeping the incredible news to themselves.

In all the other Gospel accounts (including the longer ending that’s was added to Mark), as soon as someone senses even an intimation of resurrection, he or she goes to tell others what they have experienced.

Could you be an Easter witness? Who might you invited to join us as we hope for an experience of resurrection?

Is there someone you have been meaning to invite to church? Easter is a good excuse!
Is there someone who could use some hope for new life? Easter is about that!
Is there someone who is alone? Easter is a nice crowd to join!
Is there someone who would like to come church, but will not without an invitation? Easter gives you the opportunity.
Is there someone you might tell why church is important to you? (That might help someone else imagine how church might be important to them.) Easter surely figures in why church matters to you!

Take a minute and ask who you might invite to one of our services?

Then take a second minute and actually extend the invitation.