Telling Our Story

Telling Our Story

You may have heard that we’re launching a capital campaign this fall. You’ll be hearing from the Elders soon about the goals and process for the capital campaign. But here’s a heads-up that Michael or I might approach you about being part of Old First’s “case statement.”

The first step in the capital campaign is to create what is known in the fund-raising industry as a “case statement”: a pithy, concise document that provides the rationale and justification for the fundraising effort.

A small group of Old Firsters—Mike, Nancy, Michael and me—completed a four-month training course through Partners for Sacred Places on how to create a case statement. We envision producing a short video along with a printed brochure.

The video—and accompanying brochure—will introduce Old First to potential partners who might not know much about us, and will also—we hope—re-energize and remind those of us who currently worship here about who we are and where our strengths lie.

We are also envisioning that this new video will replace the video that appears now on our website. The new one will be another effective, but more specifically Old First introduction for internet visitors to be introduced to our church. In our experience, almost everyone checks the website, before they actually cross the threshold of our front door.

We want the case statement to be about real Old Firsters, so we’re going to ask some of you to agree to appear on camera. Don’t be surprised if you’re approached over the summer. We anticipate shooting the video in early fall. We hope you’ll say “yes” as one way to support this effort.