Texting for Turnout, Sunday, Oct 30

Texting for Turnout, Sunday, Oct 30

The choices before us in the fast-approaching Nov. 8 election — for both Governor and Senator — and the elections are crucial. Where is our nation going? 

Old Firsters have been out registering voters on Market Street and on South Street. Earlier this week we were phone-banking to find out what issues mattered to people most and to encourage them and their families to vote. 

On Sunday, Oct. 30, our Center City organizer, Casey Butcher, will join us immediately after church for a training session. POWER has an app that we can use to text friends, family and acquaintances. It will allow you to send a personally tailored text message to people to encourage them to vote. To say what you think is the most important issue or aspect of this election? How could the results of this election make a difference in your life?

Organizing is about relationships – when you are in a relationship with someone, you have more power. So this might be our best chance to affect the outcome of the election by moving more voters to the polls. 

And we are going to turn it into a contest. Whoever can text the most people between Oct. 23  and Nov. 8 wins the church prize (I haven’t figured out yet what that “church prize” will be, but I will come up with something. Mark your calendar and don’t miss out!)  It’s also the same Sunday that the New Amsterdam Boys and Girls Choir from NYC will be here. Please join us….