Thank You for Being An Embodiment of the Holy Spirit

Thank you.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for your generosity.
Thank you for being a vibrant and growing embodiment of the Holy Spirit that moves us to be supportive and generous.

As was discussed at the Annual Meeting in January and in an E-pistle last month, we, Old First, had a loan to repay at the end of May: the Refinancing in Faith loan.

That loan has now been repaid, leaving the congregation with no external debts.** This represents a major milestone for Old First. Just three years ago we were paying over five thousand dollars a year in interest and had mortgaged the property. Today, we are in much better financial shape and have no mortgages on our property.

This change in our circumstances is a result of the support from our Refinancing in Faith lenders who allowed Old First to escape from its heavy interest burden.

This change is a result of the generosity of many who chose to forgive some or all of the amount they had loaned to Old First.

But most of all, this change is a result of the power of the Holy Spirit which is alive and growing at Old First through all of us and how that power inspired the support and generosity demonstrated through the entire Refinancing in Faith process.

Again, thank you.

– the Admin SLG
(Alicia R.. Beth W., Mark W., Wilma P., Gerry W., Adam S., Jonathan V., Mike W., Anne-Marie K., Janice S.)

**We do have a debt of $31,750 owed to the Endowment, from which the Refinancing in Faith repayment funds came. The plan is to repay this loan from proceeds of a capital campaign.