Thank You Letter from Tony

Thank You Letter from Tony

Dear Old First Congregation,

Wow! I want to say thank you for all the generosity you’ve shown me after leaving the property assistant position at the church. You made my year!  I do not deserve such a church family as you. I am touched your kindness.

It has really made me feel that people liked me and appreciated the work I did as church staff member. I enjoyed my tenure living in the Fox building and helping around the church. It gave me a purpose and really helped improve my mental wellbeing. You gave me a chance when I was at a low point in my life, and I will never forget that. I really have grown as a person because of all of you.

I know it was God that sent me to y’all! It has to be! The circumstances around me finding Old First were just too strange to not be God’s handiwork. When I first moved to Philadelphia in 2015, I found this church when Louis Menendez, your previous music director, invited me to come to church. Through Facebook, I had reconnected with Louis, and that is when he invited me to church at Old First. 

When I moved to Philly in 2015, I had no idea Louis was living here, had no idea he was working for Old First. I had even moved and was living very near the same neighborhood as Louis. Before moving to Philly, I met and knew Louis in Arkansas in 2010 when I was working there as a table games supervisor. 

After a lifetime of horrible experiences with church and family mostly due to my sexuality, I had no desire to attend church ever again. I told Louis I would not be coming to church. Louis convinced me otherwise, and I decided to give church a try one more time. I am so glad I came to church that Sunday! My life has changed forever because of that one decision. I remember that first day attending. Everyone was so welcoming! I have found a home at Old First, and I know I will not stop coming. Being an open and affirming church has made all the difference. I am now a proud member of this wonderful church and I look forward to worshiping God with you in the future! 

Peace and thank you ever so much!

Tony P.