Thank-yous, Installations and Ordinations in Worship on Sunday, Feb. 8

Thank-yous, Installations and Ordinations in Worship on Sunday, Feb. 8

Last year, Michael kept trying to find the perfect Sunday after Annual Meeting for our Thank-yous, Installations and Ordinations. No one week worked for everyone. And in the end, we missed and important opportunity completely.

So this year, he’s trying to get right to it. And get it done!

His strategy is to be a bit more directive and just choose a Sunday — Feb. 8, a week from tomorrow — soon after annual meeting.

Hopefully, all who we need there can join us that Sunday. (If your name is listed below, please let Michael know if you cannot. Of course, no Sunday will work for everyone, but hopefully, we can find one where most of you will be at church.)

Thank yous: Adam, Gerry, Jackie, Yajeh

Installations: Larry, Beth D., Jonathan A., Kathy, Greta, Yiwola, Annemarie, Laura, Jonathan V., Julius, Megan, Steve, Griffin, Beth W. Haeman, Gerry, Jackie, Suzanne, Dan B., Kris, Dan R., Greta, Jane, Susan (Russ on sabbatical), Hannah, Mimi.

Elder’s Ordinations: Greta, Jonathan A. and Kathy from last year.

Hopefully, everyone will be in church that Sunday. The kids are leading worship for us. And we have leaders to bless. Michael will even ask each leader to share a hope for the work with us in their role during this coming year. And it’s the responsibility of the rest of us to cooperate with, support and pray for those who have accepted leadership roles.

Also, let’s pray that by then we will have filled the Stewardship Director and the Assistant Treasurer positions, so they can join you in the blessing during worship.