THANKS for the EASY Extra Help Showing Up for Outdoor Worship

THANKS for the EASY Extra Help Showing Up for Outdoor Worship

John O. was away at the AIDS Walk / Run. I had to teach Confirmation Class. But before church Sunday morning, we needed to get everything set up for worship in the front courtyard (because the Blessing of the Animals is a fun day for outdoor worship).

As well, the bagels needed to be picked up and prepared along with the coffee and tea. And the chairs, hymnals, electric piano and other worship furnishings needed to be moved set up out front. This at the end of week when Teresa was away, and, therefore, everything was a bit harder to get done. I included a “Help Wanted” notice in last Thursday’s E-pistle.

And people showed up. Richard K. was at church before me. And Meg. O. met me in Sassafrass Market where we both went to pick up the bagels. When we got back to church, Clark, Holly, Melvin, Mimi had joined in to configure the front courtyard. I left for confirmation class, and when I got back, Griffin had set up the portable microphone. We were ready to roll.

After worship, I was headed to Barry’s intro. to the class he’s offering us. I couldn’t stay to supervise clean up, and John O. also had an engagement. But after the class (when the participants were helping Clark get a donation of 50 coats in the shed), everything was all cleaned up… in fact so well cleaned up so well that John didn’t have to come back over after getting back to church later in the afternoon!

Thanks for the grace with which you pitched in and helped out. It’s sort of the stuff church is made of…